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Barbora Kundračíková: Sensing Beyond Seeing...( (in Celebrating Print Vol.2 No.2)


Celebrating Print Vol.2 No.2


Barbora Kundračíková: Sensing Beyond Seeing... Pictorial Meaning in Prints by Alena Kucerova, Marie Blabolilova and Romana Rotterova

Deciphering the visual signs of an image may seem like reading a text, as both depend on identification of significance and adoption of lexicography. Yet reading an image does not suffice as a strategy for interpreting its meaning. Unlike words, the visual components of artistic media are inherently open-ended. Printmaking presents a unique case for engaging such intuition since the print testifies for the procedural friction between the artist’s subjective expression and oft-rigorous technical realization.

There are two possible ways to understand the merit of an image: from the bottom, through its empirical being, or from the top, with the use of abstract meaning. In this article, I seek to analyze images through the theoretical approach by focusing on cultural and philosophical context pertaining to the second half of the 20th century and the so-called “linguistic turn” of structuralism in the arts. The said concept involves an examination of the relations between words and graphics, or rather, the ways that pictorial meaning develops in accordance with semantic principles.


Mgr. Barbora Kundračíková, Ph. D.  - historička umění. Působí v Muzeu umění Olomouc a vyučuje na katedře Estetiky filozofické fakulty Masarykovy univerzity v Brně.

Obr. nahoře: Alena Kučerová: The Level, 1981, print from perforated matrix

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Vydáno: 08.08.2017