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Forgetting Remembering


Image: Lenka Vilhelmova, Between Me and My Head (detail), courtesy of the artist

Forgetting Remembering

Bohemian National Hall, 321 East 73rd Street, 3rd Floor, New York
Thursday, November 15, 6:30 - 8:30 pm

We are pleased to present Forgetting Remembering, an exhibition of fine art prints and artists’ books by Czech and Slovak artists who explore the notion of memory and perception of reality. Conceived as a pop-up show, the two-day presentation will be open to the public November 15-16, 2018 at Bohemian National Hall in Manhattan. An opening reception will be held on Thursday, November 15, 6:30 – 8:30 pm.
The exhibition features contemporary fine art prints and artists’ books by fourteen Czech and Slovak artists, both renowned and emerging, who employ in their artistic practice printmaking and work with both traditional and digital methods of printing. Curator of the exhibition, Katerina Kyselica, invites the viewers to reflect through more than twenty artworks on the labyrinthine nature of human mind, explore the perception of reality, trauma and family memories, or simply indulge into imagery that showcases a masterful command of the medium.
The exhibiting artists include:
Eva Hnatova, Dusan Kallay, Dagmar Mavrevova, Jan Mericka, Dalibor Smutny, Kamila Stanclova and Lenka Vilhelmova. The show is accompanied by a set of artists’ books, including works by Katarina Cakova, Anna Niklova, Andrea Pezman, Miloslav Polcar, Martin Raudensky, Zuzana Sebelova and Kristyna Smrckova.
Katerina Kyselica is an independent curator and lecturer. She received a BFA from VCU School of the Arts in Virginia and a Master’s Degree from Charles University in Prague. She organized and curated the Celebrating Print Exhibition (New York City, 2013–2015), a series of surveys of contemporary prints from Central and Eastern Europe. Kyselica’s articles on art, printmaking and design have appeared in Czechdesign.cz, Design Magazin, MF DNES, Art+Antiques, Celebrating Print and the Journal of the Print World.
Forgetting Remembering will be presented at BBLA Gallery located at Bohemian National Hall in Manhattan from Thursday, November 15 - Friday, November 16.

The exhibition is organized by the Consulate General of the Czech Republic in New York and the Consulate General of Slovakia in New York, with support by BBLA.

Vydáno: 23.10.2018